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Friday, September 17, 2010

Flea Market Hunting: Batman

As you all probably noticed, my son and I are addicted to Batman and its incredible universe. I think we can say he is one of our favorite if not our definitive favorite superhero! One character we unlocked in our Lego Batman game for the Nintendo DS is Azrael. Who is this my son asked?

For comic fans of the Batman in the 1990s you probably remember Azrael. He was intended to be part of a program to actually replace Batman if anything happened to Gotham City hero. And bad things happened as Bane broke Batman's back (if I remember correctly!).

Anyway, we've been trying to find a Azrael action figure and finally did. It is sadly far from complete as it is missing its wings and accessories. This was released by Kenner as part of their Legends of Batman collection.


  1. Azreal was DC answer to Punisher's evr growing popularity, as unlike Bats, he killed. Fans grew weary of it cause it wasn't Bats.

  2. I think he was a cool character even though this isn't the best action figure based on him. He is in the NintendoDS version of Lego Batman.