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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ben 10

Ben 10 is an animated series about a boy who finds a watch that allows him to transform himself into alien creatures. It is probably my son's favorite TV show. Unfortunately, most action figures are rare to find and go for way too much on sites like Amazon and Ebay. We still managed to find some from time to time, here's some of them...

On this first picture, which is a little blurry and sorry about it, we have Kevin Levin on the left and Ben Tennyson and the right. They used to be enemies in the original series but now they are friends and along with Ben's cousin Gwen, they form a powerful trio against evil extraterrestrial beings.

Next are two aliens from the original ten that Ben was able to transform into. Diamonhead and Heatblast. These are 6" figures we found at the Montreal ToyCon last year.

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