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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lego Star Wars

As you might have noticed last week was pretty much dedicated to all of the new Lego Star Wars sets we got online. We've been enjoying them ever since then and we do plan on getting more.

My only disappointment is that the older sets are either extremely hard to find or way too expensive. Lego Star Wars have become collector's items. But at our home nothing stay in the box. Every toy is opened and played... isn't what it is all about? Here's a quick look at all 19 Lego Star Wars figures we now own!

My son has recently completed the Lego Star Wars video game on the Nintendo DS. He is now going through the Nintendo Wii version, which is a lot bigger and actually tougher. Isaac is a young three years and a half old Padawan in training and I love him so much.

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