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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Flea Market Hunting: Marvel

As I told you a few days ago, apart from the Batman universe my son is more into Marvel then DC. When I was a kid most Marvel figures sucked. Just look at the Kenner's Super Powers collection compared to the rather simplistic Marvel Secret Wars collection from Mattel. Yet I am still glad I hold on to all of my Secret Wars from that time.

Released in 1984 by Mattel, the Secret Wars collection was based on the very cool Marvel comic series. Eight figures were released in the first series. Each came with a shield accessories that could hold lenticular images.

We already owned Captain America, Dr. Doom, Iron Man, Wolverine, Baron Zemo and the black Spider-Man. Well now I finally managed to find a new one used at the flea market... Kang the time-travelling conqueror!

My son loves him so much that Kang has been part of all the action figures playing of the last week or so, even making special appearance in the Star Wars universe! Hopefully this is just the beginning as there are more Secret Wars figure I want to find like Magneto, Octopus, Daredevil, Hobgoblin and especially Falcon which has always been a favorite of mine!


  1. I loved this toyline as a kid. I still need to track down Wolverine, I reacquired Iron Man a couple years back off eBay. Nice score on Kang, I found him at the swap meet a few months back too lol!

  2. Yeah they are cool figures thats for sure. Its just that the Kenner's Super Powers were so nice and with better sculpt. My son still loves his Secret Wars!

  3. Very nice! Had these when I was a wee lad myself. Enjoy 'em (that's what they were made for)!.

  4. Yeah they are fun to play with. My brother and I played a lot with them back in the days... now its my son.