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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Star Wars

A couple of weeks ago, my son and I were at Toys R' Us and saw this amazing Star Wars poster they had. Unfortunately that day the cashiers weren't working (why were they even still opened is beyond me) so we simply couldn't buy it. Finally last weekend we managed to go back and buy it.

I have to say that my son is extremely proud of it. It is now on his wall in his room and he is always looking at it. The other morning when I woke up, I realized that he was already awake, still in his bed and simply looking at the poster. Now that's dedication! Here's a better look at that amazing poster that features most of the coolest characters from the Star Wars universe.


  1. Now there are 3 Anakins in there. Why isn´t there two Palpatines?

  2. Yeah its missing the actual Emperor. The Chancellor Palpatine is in there.

  3. Just noticed the other night that the Emperor is actually there! He'S on the right of Chancellor Palpatine!