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Friday, July 2, 2010

Vintage Star Wars

I managed to win a couple of vintage Kenner Star Wars figures for my son on Ebay. The seller lives near our place so I saved on the shipping. In the end, all six figures cost me $13. All of them are in great condition and with their respective weapons.

As a kid I never owned the Death Squad Commander but now he's part of our collection. Vintage Chewbacca still looks great after all these years. This was one of the original first three figure I got back when they first came out. That little Power droid was another figure I never owned.

My son loves R2-D2, so its no surprise that R5-D4 is now also a favorite. The FX7 droid isn't the coolest figure of the galaxy but having a doctor can always be helpful. Finally, Greedo is probably one of the coolest figure from the original series.

But this whole deal ended up costing me much more then I expected. Once we got there, the seller asked me if we we're looking for anything else... of course we were! In the coming days I'll post about all the crazy stuff we got including two HUGE spaceships!


  1. Great score - can't wait to see what else you came away with!