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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Star Wars Power of the Force Action Figures

Another week so its time for another Star Wars Power of the Force action figures. My son has been on a Star Wars craze lately. My guess it is because of the very cool Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga that he is playing on the Nintendo DS Lite. He his only three years old and already addicted to video games!

Last night we watched RETURN OF THE JEDI for the very first time, he loved it! He spent most of tonight singing the John Williams theme song, told you he's a Jedi in the making! Anyway, the new action figure I gave him is R2-D2. He loves R2. I mean come on, this robot can actually do almost anything, talks, flies (in the prequel trilogy) and is kinda funny. Needless to say that we spend most of tonight playing with our 3 3/4" Star Wars Power of the Force action figures.

R2-D2 (phonetically spelled Artoo-Deetoo, and called "Artoo" for short), is an astromech droid. The sound effects for R2-D2's "voice" were created by sound designer Ben Burtt, using an ARP 2600 analog music synthesizer, as well as his own vocalizations processed through other effects.


  1. Star Wars: making kids happy since 197*

  2. Indeed Action Jon!
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