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Monday, March 15, 2010

Flea Market Hunting: Batman & Catwoman

The last two figures we got at the flea market were Batman and Catwoman. Batman looks to be from the mid 1990's and loosely based on the animated series from the same period. He comes with somekind of rocket launcher that hangs on his back. Catwoman is from the BATMAN RETURNS film from Tim Burton. Both are very cool and my son haven't stopped playing with them.

Why? Well a couple of weeks ago I gave him some old comics I used to own. One of them was Legends of Dark Knight #49 from DC Comics. Published in the early 1990's where the Catman starts "hunting" young women. Batman and Catwoman form an uneasy alliance to stop him. The story features an alternate origin and characterization of Thomas Blake. Batman wants to apprehend him, while Catwoman wants him dead. They eventually catch him and, between the two of them, beat him to a bloody pulp, although Batman is able to restrain Catwoman from committing murder.

The comic is bloody and violent but my son simply can't put it down and "read it" almost everytime he's in my car. No need to tell you that we went crazy when I discovered both Batman & Catwoman at the flea market.

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