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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Grocery and action figures

Just came back from the grocery and what has now become a tradition... buy an action figure for my amazing three years old son (if he is all nice and everything). Today we got another figures from the X-MEN ORIGINS WOLVERINE line, Weapon X (aka Logan about to become Wolverine).

The figure is nicely sculted and comes with some cool accessories but like all of the recent 3 3/4" Marvel based figure they are a little too fragile to play. But since we already own both Deadpool and Sabretooth from the same collection expect Weapon X to have his hands full and get his ass kick!

My son has recently started to play the X-MEN ORIGINS WOLVERINE video game for the Nintendo DS Lite. This is yet another game added to the endless hours he wants to spend on that amazing portable console. I've tried the game and its a fun 2D side scroller/ beat 'em up!

Weapon X is a clandestine government project in the fictional Marvel Universe conducted by the Canadian Government's Department K, which turns willing and unwilling beings into living weapons. The project often captures mutants and experiments on them to enhance their superpowers and also mutates baseline humans. The Weapon X Project produced the antihero of the X-Men team, Wolverine, and other characters such as Deadpool and Sabretooth.

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