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Monday, March 22, 2010

Shopping spree madness... sequel

Like I mentioned yesterday, due to the bad weather hardly any tables were set at the flea market so my son and I jumped in our geek mobile and went to Wal-Mart. I know most of you might not be fans but here in the cold north of Canada there's not as many cool stores. Anyway... we did ended up getting seven action figures for two bucks each, now that's a steal!

From the Wolverine and the X-Men collection we got Logan, Cyclops and Iceman. All three are cool and Logan comes with some rather weird removable claws. He's also dressed like my son's 10" Slashin' Action Wolverine. Laser "comes out" of Cyclops while Iceman pretends to be the Silver Surfer.

We also got Wolverine from the Wolverine and the X-Men collection. Its a retro look for Wolverine and he came with these removable claws too. Based on the X-MEN ORIGINS WOLVERINE film we got the human Sabretooth and that retarded new look for Deadpool. Finally from the DC Universe Infinite Heroes collection we got Scarecrow. Sadly not other figures from that DC Universe series were available.

As my son said, now with two Deadpool we have we get twice the talking... and double the trouble for Wolverine!

But overall we still have more Wolverine figures... including my old school Secret Wars Wolverine from the mid-1980s.

Here's my son doing what he does best... letting his amazing imagination taking over and simply have fun! I love him so much!


  1. If anyone could help me... we are looking for the following:

    - Magneto
    - Mystique
    - Dark Phoenix

    These are the three action figures that my son keeps asking me about. They are nowhere to be found here or go for way too much on Ebay.

  2. I want a Deadpool! You need a Punisher action figure!