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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Montreal ToyCon: Mothra + Grendizer

We finally found and bought Mothra! This Bandai figure was made as part of the recent Godzilla collection. We own the 12" versions so this smaller Mothra works perfectly.

Mothra is some kind of gigantic moth meets a butterfly. Her first appearance was in the 1961 film, Mothra.

Remember Shogun Warriors?! I also wanted them as a kid but never got any. Hopefully Isaac and I will find some sooner then later. There was even a Godzilla figure as part of this awesome series!

A beautiful book named "Génération Galactik" came out in France. It focuses on all the cool 1970s characters I loved as a kid.


  1. Shogun Warriors are great! But can be pricey so good luck and I hope you guys find one soon.