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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lego Star Wars Slave I

I managed to find the Lego Star Wars Slave I (#8097) for less then half of its original price. Always been a fan of Boba Fett's spaceship but at $120 for 573 pieces and only three mini figures... not thank you.

Overall its a beautiful looking set but always one that I simply cannot recommend...

Twice it totally destroyed itself without us doing nothing to it. Its way too fragile... so much that I was going to crazy glue the whole thing.

Probably the coolest thing about this set is that it comes with bounty hunter Bossk, which is one of my all time favourite Star Wars character.

This set was released in 2010 to "celebrate" the 30th anniversary of The Empire Striker Back film. Its more or less the same as the 2006 model.


  1. Bossk! My favorite Bounty Hunter.

  2. Ah..good man Isaac. Nobody beats Boba..well, except for a half blind Han Solo. But other than him, nobody beats Boba Fett.

    Which parts kept falling off? I have to admit, mine feels pretty solid, except for the doors that open to let you launch the missles. They almost always come off on me

    1. AhahHAH indeed about half blind Solo!

      The red blocks that are in rounded shapes. I have to place in other long Lego thin blocks to make everything more solid. A shame considering that is worth $120 here!