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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lego Pharaoh's Quest + Man of Steel

So we build the Lego Pharaoh's Quest Scorpion Pyramid. Its a very cool set with 792 pieces including 7 mini figures. I have to admit that the "bad guys" are awesome.

There are several traps, the burial chamber with sarcofogus is amazing. Its a little though to play inside as the room is limited but still fun. We also gets some rather "exclusives" blocks rarely seen elsewhere. And that Huge scorpion which totally rules!

Zack Snyder's film Man of Steel is coming to theatre June 14th, but we got a glimpse of some of the look of the characters during last weekend Toy Fair in New York! These are from DC Collectibles and they look great!


  1. I've just got back into Lego but that means I've missed out on some great kits. I've been looking for some Pharaoh's Quest stuff, as it looks awesome, but so far no luck... :(

    Have you guys seen any of the Galaxy Squad stuff yet? I love them but it would be interesting to see what the target audience thought of it!

    1. Great that you got back into Lego!
      Some amazing collections in recent years.
      Check out Kijiji for used older sets.

      We like the Galaxy Squad series but only got one so far... there's two others we want!

    2. The Vermin Vaporizer is the biggest kit I have so far. It's about $60 so it's not cheap but it's a solid, chunky build with a lot of fun play features. I also have the Space Swarmer and the Swarm Interceptor. It's only $20 but it's also a really neat little spaceship - again, with a cool split-apart play theme. Very cool. And thanks for the Kijiji tip!

    3. Cool!
      We want all of the "bugs" from Galaxy Squad.
      There's a series 2 coming next summer!