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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our Marvel Collection + Goldorak - Grendizer

And here are our two last Marvel action figures... Galactus and Sentinel. These are two of our all time favourite.

Galactus is an amazing electronic figure measures a mammoth 19" tall and features cosmic lights and fearsome phrases. This huge figure is extremely well sculpted and detailed. Purple, light and dark blue, some black paint work is flawless. It is also well articulated (about 24 points) and says a total of eleven phrases! Push his chest button and he speaks and his eyes and helmet jewels light up yellow. And let's not forget the very cool 3 ¾" scale Silver Surfer action figure it comes with.

Sentinel is another amazing figure that stands about 16" tall! It has a very rough and damaged look. The sculpt and design is simply amazing. We see all of the wires running through his body. The paint job is also very good and brings the character to life. It is also fully articulated and comes with some wicked tentacles.

Here they are compared to other bad guys!

Grendizer! HL Pro announced more UFO Robot Grendizer (Goldorak) figures! Aren't they cute?!

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