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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our Marvel Collection & Disney Voltron

Time for some more good guys but that sometimes act like bad ones!

Some of our favourite Marvel action figures are in there. Blade is one of them, so is Luke Cage and Ghost Rider. That Toy Biz Punisher looks a little goofy but still means business while we own both the newer and Secret Wars Daredevil.

Really proud of Blade, which we found at a supermarket. He is impossible to find around here. He's a great figure with tons of cool accessories.

Disney Voltron? Yes it exist! Bandai lis aunching a Disney Super Robot next March in Japan. The robot is made up of seven robots (well, eight if you count Pluto's dog house). This Super Alloy King Robo: Mickey and Friends is priced at ¥13,440 (US$169), stands at 22cm, and will get its first public showing in Japan this weekend in Tokyo's Akihabara.