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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lego Power Miners + Ultimate Spider-Man

The last Lego Power Miners set Isaac got for his birthday was the Rock Wrecker (8963). It comes with one miner mini figure and a big rock monster, Geolix, for a total of 225 pieces.

Overall its a cool set with a rather unique looking vehicle. Geolix can actually throw rocks.

Here's a look at the upcoming Spider-Man Power Webs collection from Hasbro. These 3.75" figure looks very cool. The series will include Power Bow Spider-Man, Triple Threat Venom, Dragon Strike Iron Fist, Hover Board Spider-Man and Web Catapult Iron Spider-Man.


  1. These new Spider-Men figures are supposed based off of the animated show of the same name or is it something new?

    1. Yes they are based on the new animated tv show.