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Friday, March 11, 2011

"I Am Devourer Of Worlds!" - Galactus

I guess it was just a moment of time before we had to get him... the Marvel Universe Masterworks Galactus figure. This amazing electronic figure measures a mammoth 19" tall and features cosmic lights and fearsome phrases.

This version of Galactus is probably the coolest action figure ever made! This huge figure is extremely well sculpted and detailed. Purple, light and dark blue, some black paint work is flawless. It is also well articulated (about 24 points) and says a total of eleven phrases! Push his chest button and he speaks and his eyes and helmet jewels light up yellow.

And let's not forget the very cool 3 ¾" scale Silver Surfer action figure it comes with.

Even the packaging is superb! There is a die cut cover that opens to some nice graphics and a "try me" button. The box was easy to open without having to destroy it.

Doomed to hunger eternally for the energy locked within life-bearing planets, Galactus wanders the spaceways in his world ship. His body is filled to bursting with the infinite Power Cosmic – a power that grants him absolute control over the fundamental nature of the universe around him. The forces that rule the lives of lesser beings are meaningless to Galactus.

For him, there is only the hunger he feels. Inhabited worlds across the universe live in constant fear of the day when the shadow of mighty Galactus darkens their skies, for it is on that day their world will end. So it will be until the end of time, for Galactus will not be deterred, and he cannot be stopped. He will consume world after world until the universe completes its cycle and collapses in upon itself. Once a new universe is born out of the old, great Galactus will rise, and feed again.

A small fragment of his vast might has been granted to the Silver Surfer – greatest of his heralds. Once a man like any other on his home planet of Zenn-La, the Silver Surfer sacrificed his humanity to save his world. His mind and body changed forever by the power he now wields, he serves Galactus absolutely and without question. Together, herald and master are a force of nature, undeniable and inevitable.

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