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Monday, March 14, 2011

The End of Marvel ?

After unpacking our brand new 19" Galactus action figure, my son and I played for two hours straight. It was the coming of Galactus... and the possible end of the Marvel Universe. These are some of the coolest moments ever with my son.

In the background was Hans Zimmer's amazing soundtrack for Inception. It made our time playing even more fun and at time dramatic.

Most Marvel Super Villains had joined force to an evil plan. Apocalypse, Dr.Doom, Magneto and the Mandarin were the leaders of this new team of bad guys. They had just found the evil and powerful "galactic brain". With it, Kang (sitting in front of the computer) was able to send a encoded message throughout the galaxy... in hope of awakening the ultimate evil.

Our Marvel Super Heroes already had their hands full. Deadpool was in jail (look closely at the image) since he betrayed them and was the one helping the bad guys finding that mysterious galactic brain. Hulk, The Thing and The Punisher were making sure that the loud mouthed Deadpool won't go away.

In the meantime, Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man and others were trying to find out just why the Super Villains wanted that galactic brain.

The bad guys made a diversion, sending Juggernauth and Abomination to save Deadpool while Kang was actually trying to get in touch and a super natural evil being.

The Silver Surfer got the message and let his master known about it. Together they were now heading into planet Earth.

Enter Galactus...

Even though they gave a fight, no Super Heroes could match the strength and power of Galactus. In the end only Hulk and Wolverine were left but their death was surely coming.

Its then that the Incredible Hulk called another radioative creature to help them...

Now Galactus might have finally meet his match!


  1. An amazing afternoon!
    I took so many pictures (not all are in there) that I have a great recollection of the story and all! Very cool!

  2. Haha AWESOME!

    I sure hope good prevails!

  3. We did the "sequel" last night!
    It was cool but not as epic!

  4. Awesome! You guys should making the Marvel movies & toons! :D

  5. Thank you my friend!
    We always come up with some cool stories!

    Lots of twists and turn of events.

    Our STAR WARS stories are probably the coolest!