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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flea Market Hunting: Thundercats

Guess what?! The flea market hunting season is now on!

By far the coolest place to find action figures! Last weekend my son and I made a quick stop to see if it was open... and behold it was! And it was totally worth the trip as we found lot of cool stuff.

First of all we got our hands on the very cool Mumm-Ra action figure from the great LJN 1980s Thundercats collection! He is the chief villain and main antagonist against Lion-O and the Thundercats!

This is a cool and kinda scary figure with a switch on his back that activates his arms to punch his adversary. Here he is fighting the leader of the Thundercats.


  1. Nice score! There's been too much rain for flea markets lately over here!

  2. @Bubba: Yeah one of our goal this year at the flea market is to get as much MOTU and CATS as possible!