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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flea Market Hunting: Ben 10

We scored a couple of Ben 10 action figures during our last trip at the flea market!

We got an alternate version of XLR8, this one with the front "window" of his helmet opened. XLR8 is a Kinecceleran (a portmanteau of the words "kinetic" and "accelerate") from the planet Kinet (the first part of kinetic, which is movement energy).

We also got our very first Ripjaws! Ripjaws is a Piscciss Volann (from piscēs, the Latin word for fish) of the planet Piscciss, a 98% water-based world with solid matter only at its core, and the gravity is controlled by a gravity instrument, which holds all water and the beings on the planet, but Aggregor takes the instrument and shows that it was a piece of the Map of Infinity, and the anti-gravity projector of Goop now controls the gravity.

And finally me found Ghostfreak! Ghostfreak is an ectonurite one of Ben's aliens who's DNA was taken from Zs'Skayr, the High Ecto-Lord of the Ectonurite homeworld of Anur Phaetos, who existed in the Omnitrix due to Ectonurites having the ability for their mind to exist in even in the smallest strand of their DNA. Ghostfreak's original appearance was similar to that of a ghost with only one eye and a black track along his skin but after freeing himself, he tore off the second skin to reveal his true horrifying form. He has the power to phase through matter and possess humans by going into them and controlling them.

Older Ben 10 action figures such as these are extremely hard to find around here. Needless to say that we were both extremely happy to have find them!

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