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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Star Wars

As you all probably guessed that by now it is no surprise that Isaac and I love Star Wars! And most of our time is either spend playing video games, watching movies or playing with our Star Wars action figures and spaceships collection.

Last time, the Rebels had received a distress signal from an unknown source. From their isolated base in the mountains they were getting prepared to see exactly what happened.

At the same time the evil Empire had prepared its Troopers for a possible battle as they too got an unknown source telling them that the Rebels had discovered their secret hideout.

Emperor Palpatine managed to gather all of the Sith lords for battle. Needless to say that they were ready.

Once they arrived all the Jedis discovered that the signal came from the Empire base. They all activated to lightsabers, ready to fight to protect the remains of the Republic.

Sith lords were ready too for battle!

In the end most ended up dying fighting each others....

And what they didn't know was that all was actually planned by Jabba the Hutt who secretly had bounty hunters setting up everything!

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