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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Masters of the Universe

Another cool item we got at that huge toys store is the Neca version of Hordak from their Series 1 mini-statue Masters of the Universe! It is a beautifully designed and sculpted resin 6" statue of one of the coolest bad guys from MOTU.

Hordak comes with his staff (which is in two parts so that it could fit in his hand), his reimagined crossbow and a stand. He actually looks very menacing! The back of the card feature some awesome art. Series 1 also featured Snout Spout and Clawful.


  1. OMG!! Where did you get that?! I have wanted soooo badly for yrs!!! He's my fav character in the MOTU universe! He's even cooler and more evil than Skeletor!!!

  2. Yeah its amazing!
    We got it for only $5.
    There was only one left!
    Isaac love him!

  3. 5 bucks?! holy shit!!! I seen that going for A LOT more at comic cons!! You guys lucked out!!!

  4. Yeah we were lucky!
    Too bad there was no others.