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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Isaac's Christmas 2010

This was our second Christmas alone for my son and I. He is simply amazing and makes my life fill with joy, passion and love. I got him some cool new toys for Christmas, oups Santa did!

The first package he opened...

Featured two 7.5" Spin Master action figures from the amazing Tron Legacy film!

The first figure is Rinzler. He's one of the bad guy. For those who have yet to see the film I won't spoil who he really is. He comes with 1 Katana, 2 discs and 1 light staff. His body lights up when you press a button. Very cool!

Next was the deluxe Sam Flynn figure. His body also light up and playback key phrases from the movie. Our hero comes with 1 disc and 1 light staff. Cooler!

Needless to say Isaac loves both figures! They are extremely well designed, stylish and have lots of cool features. And we both love the Tron Legacy film.

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