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Friday, May 24, 2013

Isaac's Good Guys Dream Team

A few months ago, the League of Extraordinary Bloggers decided to create their own dream team of action figures. Isaac and I loved the idea...

Recently I though about this again and told Isaac that we should do it too! We decided to limit our team to five members. We will both have a good guys and bad guys teams.

Isaac's Good Guys Dream Team:

What a great team Isaac has created here! Isaac always loved Spawn, and here actually choosed two Spawn figures, the original McFarlane figure along with the Medieval. There is also Matt Tracker from M.A.S.K. along with the Toxic Avenger and Hellboy as their leader!


  1. Someone's getting beat up that is for sure...

    1. AhahHAhHAhA! Indeed!
      Cant wait to show you all his Bad Guys Dream Team tomorrow!!!

  2. WOW ! Thats a force to be reconed with !!