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Friday, May 3, 2013

Flea Market Hunting : Who the hell is that?!

We saw that awesome action figure in a huge pile and we had to get them! We have no clue who he is... but I do remember that fellow toy collector jBoyPacman telling me but I forgot... how funny getting old!

Just look at how detailed and scary that figure is! We love it! Oh! Now I remember... its Slobster from the Street Sharks toy line! Amazing, we need more of these!!!

And today we are seeing Iron Man 3, twice at the movies. Isaac and I can't wait for it!


  1. Slobster! Fun figure which I have now passed on to our pal Dan at the Toy Museum.

  2. Nice!I'm supposed to be checking out a couple of garage sales tomorrow,don't have any flea markets around my area.Anyways,it's supposed to be a block garage sale so maybe i can come away with as many cool goodies as you have :)

    1. Good luck! Cant wait to see what you'll get!