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Friday, March 22, 2013

Valentine's day

I had the pleasure of spending Valentine's day with the love of my life... Isaac.

We did stuff we love like eating sushi, playing video games, watch cartoons and play with our toys. I also gave him Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs (Isaac is allergic to nuts).

A friend of mine whom I played music at her private party gave me two Lego mini figures for Isaac. Wow! A space police and stuntman! Two we didn't owned... yet.


  1. I'm loving that Space Marine figure. I still need to get him and the Alien Avenger.

    Now all you need to do is track down a zombie head, and Isaac can have his very own Stunt Zombie!

    1. We recently got Alien Avenger.

      We are going to order some of these here:

    2. I'm getting all kinds of cool links from you Kim. First the link showing off Bad Sociologist's work, and now that one. I might have to get a couple of those zombie heads now.