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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Boys having fun...

A few weeks ago, Isaac and I went to La Nuit Blanche at Montreal en Lumiere. Its a huge event with tons of activities around the city of Montreal. On La Nuit Blanche, there are things to do all night up until 5 in the morning!

This was Isaac's first time. We decided to go and stay for as long as he felt like it. Our first stop was at La Vitrine, where Gros Joueurs organized lots of cool video games play on big screens.

This was an alternate version of Super Mario Bros. with various characters from the 8-bit era.

There was some retro games to play too like Donkey Kong through a motion capture floor.

Isaac tried to weird four player pixeled combat game with three adults as his opponents!

A gigantic and working NES controller!

We went for some fireworks and various concerts outside in the cold.

There was even a house music DJ that played to keep the huge crowd "warm".

We also went around the city seeing various expositions and meeting friends, great times!

Tomorrow we'll be back with more toys! But now have a happy Easter everyone!


  1. I have considered moving to Canada. How is it? The snow would bother me greatly.

    1. Where in Canada? The country is HUGE!
      Overall its a nice place with good people, lots of natural resources and great multicultural environment.

      We live around Montreal.

      And yes there is snow but then... there is hardly anything hotter then a Montreal woman in a snow suit!

  2. Looks like a great time you guys had!

    1. Yes we did! It was a lotta fun and Isaac was extremely happy to participate. One proud little man.


  3. Gros Joueurs In the place to be !!