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Friday, March 1, 2013

Christmas: more Lego + Lego Series 10

I also got Isaac three Lego sets!

Behind Isaac you can see the Dwarves' Mine (#7036), the Trolls's Mountain Fortress (#7097... and yes I know that I already got him that one for his birthday two months ago but you will soon understand) and  the Scorpion Palace (#7478).

Unlike the other two, the Scorpion Palace is incomplete but I got it for so cheap that I had to buy it. Its a cool set from the Orient Expedition collection released about 10 years ago. Its missing some pieces and the minifigures but we will end up finding them.

And here is the very first look at the upcoming Lego series 10 mini figures! Wow! So many cool new ones to get. Medusa looks awesome.

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