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Friday, December 30, 2011

Favourite Toys of 2011

Favourite New Toys of 2011

1- Marvel Universe Galactus
"I Am Devourer Of Worlds!" - Galactus
It was after Isaac's very first trip at the dentist that I decided to take him to the coolest action figures store in Montreal, Legends. Lo and behold was Galactus standing there, waiting for us. This amazing electronic figure measures a mammoth 19" tall and features cosmic lights and fearsome phrases.

This huge figure is extremely well sculpted and detailed. Purple, light and dark blue, some black paint work is flawless. It is also well articulated (about 24 points) and says a total of eleven phrases! Push his chest button and he speaks and his eyes and helmet jewels light up yellow. And let's not forget the very cool 3 ¾" scale Silver Surfer action figure it comes with.

2- Batman Arkham Asylum
We are both addicted to the amazing Batman Arkham Asylum video game! Developed by Rocksteady Studios, this is without a doubt the best superheroes video game ever. Well scripted, stunning environments, kick ass fighting engine, Batman Arkham Asylum is amazing! I managed to find the first series of action figures at a local comic store. Santa also got more Arkham Asylum and even Arkham City figures for Christmas (more on that soon!).

3- Fisher Price Imaginext Batman
Last summer I finally gave in an ordered directly from Fisher Price online all of the Imaginext Batman figures we were missing. Just as expected this is an amazing collection from Fisher Price and hopefully they will continue it for years to come.

4- Godzilla
Bandai released those huge figures in 2007 but I was never able to find them anywhere. Finally found them at the ToyCon! Godzilla and friends have their dedicated place in our living room and every day stories.

5- Lego NinjaGo
For Christmas Santa gave Isaac the great Lego NinjaGo Fire Temple. Took me three hours to build this massive 1200 blocks set. It comes with a beautifully designed dragon, seven mini figures, traps and tons of cool stuff.

Favourite Retro Toys of 2011

1- LJN Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
As a kid I loved those! Unfortunately apart from one I lost them all. Needless to say that I was extremely happy to find Strongheart, Warduk and others at the flea market and for pennies! They are beautiful figures.

2- LJN Thundercats
My brother was a huge fan of the original Thundercats. We found some great ones at the flea market and hopefully will get more this spring when it opens again. Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats!

3- M.U.S.C.L.E.
Another collection my brother was into. We found a bag with tons of them at the flea market. These are Isaac favourite figures to play with while taking his bath.

4- Fisher Price Adventure People
Fisher Price never stop to amazing. Its like they always made amazing toys. One goal in 2012 is to find more of these.

5- Playmates Toxic Crusaders
I was a Toxic fan when the original Troma movie came out but never got into the cartoon. With Isaac its a different story, he loves Toxic and all of the bad guys we found.

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  1. Some great toy picks for the year and you scored two Wardukes! Very awesome he was my favorite of the DD figures i had as a youngster.

  2. Yeah he was my favourite too! I was about to get one from Ebay (rather expensive) but then found these 3 for $2 at the flea market!!!!!

  3. Such a incredible deal congrats on the find. Am hoping to find one at some point in my travels and maybe i will get lucky like you did and find one at a great price. : )

  4. If I ever find another one, I will get it for you.
    Now, Isaac has one he plays with while the other in our "showcase" section.

  5. Why thank you very much that is very nice of you. : )

  6. We have to help each other. I told Isaac and he's fine with it so its all good! AHhHAhHAHH!

    He's a little jealous of you since you own more Burger King Universal monster then him! HAhHAhHHA!!!

  7. lol yeah am just one shy of have a complete set and i will find that Gillman this summer at Flea Market i just know it.

  8. You will!!

    As for us, we own the werewolf, dracula and frankenstein.... so far!