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Monday, December 26, 2011

Batman Arkham Asylum

Isaac and I just recently started to play the amazing Batman Arkham Asylum video game! Developed by Rocksteady Studios, this is without a doubt the best superheroes video game ever. Well scripted, stunning environments, kick ass fighting engine, Batman Arkham Asylum is amazing!

I just remembered that some action figures based on the video game were released sometime ago. After making a few phone calls, I found the first series at a local comic book store.

Here is Isaac with Batman. A superbly sculpted and detailed action figure.


  1. Arc be honest...it's actually your toy isn't it hahahahaha

  2. AHhahahha its for the both of us!
    Like everything we get!


  3. Such an awesome game! Nice action figure too!

  4. Indeed! We are addicted to the game. Just got the sequel, so when we're done with the first one we'll jump right into it.

  5. I really like the packaging on these.

  6. Yeah we love the Batman mask at the plastic packaging.