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Monday, January 3, 2011

Favourite Toys of 2010

Favourite New Toys of 2010

1- Star Wars Imperial AT AT Walker
Seriously there was no cooler toys released this year then the amazing Imperial AT AT Walker from Hasbro. Standing over 2 feet tall, with lots of cool features this is the ultimate!

2- Lego Star Wars action figures
Isaac and I love Legos. And while most are rather too expensive their Star Wars collection is great! What's even cooler was that we managed to find lots of figures used for almost nothing!

3- Tron Legacy 7.5" action figures
We both loved the film, and those Spin Masters figures are wicked cool! They illuminates, have cool weapons and the Sam Flynn figure even talks!

4- Fisher Price Imaginext Batman
Always loved Fisher Price and their Imaginext collection of Batman is a favorite of ours! Some great news figures, vehicles and playsets were released and more coming out soon like Killer Croc, The Flash and more!

5- Ben 10 action figures 3 3/4"
Probably our favorite TV shows for the past two years, the new series brought some colorful new alien characters to the gang.

Favourite Retro Toys of 2010

1- Vintage 12" Kenner Star Wars
Finding these on Ebay for almost nothing was seriously one of the highlight of 2010 for me! Always wanted them but never did... now 33 years later I managed to score four from Ebay for almost nothing. I think that I enjoyed this more then Isaac even did!

2- Vintage Kenner Star Wars
I owned so many of these as a kid (still do but its a secret!). Finding them again on Ebay, ToyCon and flea market was a great experience to relive with Isaac. We got tons of them but the original Boba Fett and Rancor are possibly our favorites.

3- Star Wars Power of the Force
Through most of the year I gave my son the 1990's Kenner figures that I still had sealed. It was cool to have him every week wondering who will be first. This was also what initiated his love and knowledge for Star Wars.

4- Batman
The beauty of the Internet is that now you can find stuff not available in stores anymore. Isaac and I love Batman, and through 2010 we got tons of awesome Batman figures from various collections released through the years. Our collection is nicely building itself!

5- Star Wars Playskool Jedi Force
Isaac was just born when Playskool released these but with the wonder of Ebay and the flea markets we were able to find lots of them for cheap!

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