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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Marvel Super Hero Adventures

By now I think you all know how much we love Fisher Price's Imaginext collection. Their DC Comics based action figures and play sets are simply amazing! Not to be left aside, Playskool (through Hasbro) have released Marvel Super Hero Adventures!

At about the same size as the Imaginext figures now you can have both Marvel and DC Comics heroes together! Eight difference figures are released so far, along with vehicles and a crime-fighthing headquarters playset.

Lucky for us, days after seeing them online we found some at our local store, Legends. Spider-Man and the Green Goblin is the perfect combo. Both figures are very cool, detailed and now amongst our favourites.


  1. Nice score! I picked up this Spidey/Gobby set a while back, and I just got Wolverine/Captain America yesterday! I'll be blogging about them soon. :)

  2. Cool! Thats actually the only one were missing!!!!