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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Isaac : Marvel

Without a doubt the coolest Marvel action figure I got Isaac for his birthday was the Toy Biz's Marvel Legends 15 series build a figure Modok!

Modok is built from seven pieces, and once assembled stands 8" tall. He moves at the ankles, knees, thighs, hips, fingers, wrists, gloves, elbows, biceps and shoulders, which is a lot more than you might expect on a big freak like this. There are additional pivot points for the control stick and the thruster, as well - since there's no way Modok can walk by himself, he mostly gets around via flying chair.

This is a great looking figure which happens to be almost impossible to find! Isaac is extremely proud to own him especially since I told him that the plan for the Captain America film sequel is to have Modok as the main bad guy!

Debuting in Tales of Suspense #94, Modokwas a classic bit of misbegotten Jack Kirby. Created by corrupt scientists to be the ultimate organism of destruction, MODOK now seeks to fulfill his genetic programming - by enslaving or destroying all life on earth! Possessing a massive intellect and psychokinetic ability, Modok's only weakness is the frailty of his physical form. Without the assistance of his robotic exo-skeleton, he could hardly even move!

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