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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Flea Market Hunting : Aliens

We got a brand new and sealed (but it didn't stay like that for long) Aliens figure! Its the gorilla alien released by Kenner. It came with an amazing face hugger and a comic book! Wow! Both Isaac and I were extremely excited!!! Here he is with his Aliens collection as of now.

I recently found this amazing montage on the internet and wanted to share it with all of you. Unproduced 1979 3.75" Alien action figures from Kenner! Perhaps due to the fiasco (or fury) over the original 18" Alien Warrior, Kenner decided not to not proceed with production their planned 3 3/4" Alien action figures (the same scale of their popular Star Wars action figures). Five different prototypes were made: Ripley, Ash, Dallas, Ripley in Spacesuit, and what would surely have been one of the most desireable action figures ever made, the original Alien Warrior.


  1. wow! thats cool he'd better be carful with the tail. i hear its a stiff plastic and it might break! oh! another thing is the face hugger realy rubber? i dodered mine off amazon and i can't wait for it to get here idk what immore exited about the alien or the comic! how much did you pay for it? oh and a few more things 1 the alien in the fdirst one is not a warrior its a drone(with respect of corse!).
    did he actualy see the alien movies?!
    well i hope to meet you two some time soon you can contact me at
    cya! =D

  2. Hi!
    The tail is fine and doesnt break and he played a lot with it so far. Yes the face hugger is plastic and fit perfectly into most action figure faces, which makes it just cooler! We got this one for $10.

    So far Isaac has seen only the second one, ALIENS.
    We watch so many movies... its hard to see them all but he's only five so there is still lotta times...