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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Imaginext Batman

My son and I love Fisher Price.
My son and I love Imaginext.
My son and I love Batman.

Sadly in our part of Canada, lots of toys are released later (sometimes even a year later) due to the packaging need to be bilingual... Out of all brands, Fisher Price seem to be in no rush to follow this "policy" so we get everything way later.

I finally gave in an ordered directly from Fisher Price online. I ordered all of their Imaginext Batman collection we didn't owned yet. The next day the "ever reliable" Canadian post went on a strike that lasted about a month.... Thankfully we finally got our Imaginext Batman! And yes, I was as excited about it as Isaac.

One figure that has been impossible to find around here was Two Face! Thanks to the Internet (and Visa) we now own him. Its a cool action figure that comes with a few accessories.

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