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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Flea Market Hunting : Masters of the Universe

Isaac is slowly becoming a big fan of the Masters of the Universe. We both especially love the 2002 reboot action figures collection but once in awhile when we find cool 80s retro MOTU we get them. This double find was actually pretty cool. At only fifty cents each we quickly grabbed both Evil-Lyn and Teela!

Released in 1984, Evil-Lyn actually looks a little weird now and not that evil at all! Teela was part of the original 1982 series. I always wanted her (the action figure) but never did as a kid. Sadly they were both missing their cool accessories but we are still happy to now own them!


  1. Yeah great find indeed!

    And of course Evil-Lynn is hotter! Hopefully we'll soon find the 2002 version!!!