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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to Isaac!

Five years ago today, the most amazing event of my life happened... the birth of my son.

Still to this day I can't even realize just how lucky I am to be the father of this incredible little human being. He has brought me wisdom, justice and love when all else failed. He is my son and idol but most of all he is the meaning of my life.

Je t'aime Isaac.

His birthday was actually last Thursday, October 13th. We've both being extremely busy and sick... somehow I forgot to mention his birthday here. One thing that's for sure, last Saturday he had a great birthday bash with all of his friends and received so much gifts that it will probably represent weeks worth of updates here!

Here's the amazing Angry Birds cake I had done for him. Needless to say that everyone loved it!


  1. Happy birthday Isaac! Man, they grow up FAST, don't they? Enjoy every second - both of you!

  2. Happy b-day Issac! Awesome cake! :D

  3. Thank you! I will tell him.
    Yeah they do grow up too fast...
    And that cake was amazing!!!