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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spider-Man and Friends: Mr. Fantastic

And here's Mr. Fantastic! What's really cool is that he even stretch!


  1. An Invisible Woman in clear plastic would have been AWESOME for this line - sadly the only female they ever made was Spider-Girl. Pretty sure they didn't make Human Torch either.

    But they did make Thing. They should have called them The Fantastic 2!

    1. There is a 12" clear plastic Invisible Woman.

    2. The Jessica Alba one? I used to have that one - I remember it was crazy hard to find and I sold it on eBay for a bit of profit when the movie was hot lol!

    3. Yes that one. My girlfriend's daughter has it. I found it at the flea market for her.

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    1. Welcome to our blog! I will ad your to our list of links on the right.

      Wow! That version of The Thing is awesome!!!