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Saturday, April 18, 2015

1978 Kenner Star Wars 12" action figures

In 1978, Kenner released some 12" Star Wars action figures.

These were highly popular. I always wanted them but never got any as a kid. Thankfully, about 5 years ago I managed to find some on Ebay for a great price.

Here's Darth Vader! He is actually taller then 12". Its an awesome figurine, with lots of details, cape and lightsaber.


  1. Cool. I don't have any of the 12" figures.

    1. They are awesome! Hopefully one day we'll own them all.

  2. One of my first toys collecting as an adult, and beloved childhood toy as well- had to find a replica lightsaber for him

  3. I have Luke and Obi Won...Almost restored.