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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Favourite Retro Toys of 2014

Here's our Favourite Retro Toys of 2014!

1- Kenner Predator

This year we slowly got into the original Kenner line of Predators figures. Seriously, we don't know why we waited for so long? This collection is great! The figures have some amazing details, lots of awesome weapons, even the cards are cool.

2- Lego Dino Attack

We got a couple of Lego Dino Attack sets at the flea market and they are great. The dino themselves are HUGE and awesome and the vehicles crazy cool.

3- Masters of the Universe

We got some amazing original MOTU figures like Buzz-Off, Mosquitor, Kobra Khan and most importantly…. the Snake Mountain playset!

4- The Real Ghostbusters

Finally scored some of the figurines we were searching for years like Quasimodo, Terror Trash Ghost Haunted Man and especially the Fearsome Flush toilet!

5- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

We found more of the original Playmates TMNT figures. Our collection is growing and growing...