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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Favourite New Toys of 2014

Here's our Favourite New Toys of 2014!

1- Mattel WWE

We started collecting Basic and Elite WWE action figures from Mattel just before the summer of 2014 and what a collection we have now. As of today, 59 figures. This collection eclipsed everything else in 2014. This is what we played the most with. An amazing collection and one that we will cherish for years.

2- Lego Minecraft

One of our most wanted new collection of the year. Isaac got lucky and got a couple of sets for Christmas. These are the coolest Lego sets of the year. Lots of fun to build and they look amazing.

3- Lego The Simpsons

The Lego The Simpsons house is a great set. It looks like the "real" thing, has tons of cool features and came with the whole Simpsons family. Love it.

4- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The new animated TMNT TV series is great and the action figures are just as great. We got more of them this year and we can't wait for the new ones to be available here.

5- Imaginext

Fisher Price's Imaginext collection continues to be one of our favourites. The new DC Universe, Aliens series and the blind poly bags have been a blast to collect and play with.

And Happy New Year everyone!!!
All the best for 2015!!