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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

RAW is Isaac! Event #1

Our final match is a Triple Threat Ladder match for the WWE Championship!

The first wrestler to climb the top of the ladder and take the WWE Championship title will be declared the winner…

The first participant… John Cena!

Here comes Brock Lesnar!

And finally… The Rock as come back to the WWE!

Lesnar jumps on The Rock. The two brawl while Cena is waiting patiently. The Rock reverse the situation and throws Lesnar out of the ring. Cena comes after the People's Champ.

After exchanging punches, The Rock throws Cena in the rope for a clothesline… meanwhile Brock is taking the ladder in the ring.

Lesnar hit The Rock with the ladder. The ladder is now in the corner. Lesnar has Cena up in the air… BANG! Cena is thrown on the ladder and then outside the ring.

Lesnar turns around but The Rock is there, standing tall. Punches Lesnar and then slams him on the mat. Its now time for the People's Elbow! But Cena hit The Rock with the ladder.

Now Cena is the only man standing up… on top of the ladder. He is trying to take the belt.

The ladder falls down but Cena is still holding on the belt.

He got it! He got it!!

The winner and new WWE Champion… John Cena.

Oh! But Cena has little time to celebrate since Lesnar takes a garbage can and hit the new champion.

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