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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

RAW is Isaac! Event #1

Evolution is taking over the ring and mic.
Its an open challenge to anymore in the locker room.
I doubt anyone would accept to face Triple H, Randy Orton or Batista.

What's that song? Oh! Its, its the Ultimate Warrior!
Is the Warrior accepting the challenge? But who he will face?

Triple H goes out of the ring… just in time as the Ultimate Warrior double cross line both Batista and Orton! The crowd goes nuts!

Warrior now holds Orton up in the air!
Bang! Orton is now out of the ring and down on Batista.

But… Triple H is behind the Warrior and… BANG!
He hits him with the sledgehammer.

OMG! Triple H stands "victorious" over the Ultimate Warrior!

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