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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lego TMNT The Shellraiser Street Chase

The Lego TMNT The Shellraiser Street Chase (#79104) is a big set that comes with 620 bricks including five minifigures; Foot Soldier, Kraang, Dogpound, Leonardo and Michelango.

The TMNT truck is big and features shooting cannon, rising wheel function, hidden rail wheels, a computer workstation, weapon rack, skateboard and seats. Sadly this is one of the worst Lego we had to built. It barely holds itself together. Too many bricks are "alone" and not logically place for everything to work. After many frustrating attempts, I decided to modify it a little. Now its better, and we can actually play with it.

There is also Dogpound's pizza delivery van and 2 ooze drums. Dogpound itself is a great minifigure.

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