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Monday, June 4, 2012

Lego Monorail Transport System

So we decided to start building it but first knowing about how big it was we had a choose a place for it... the living room was probably the most logical spot.

As so perfectly explained by Lego Wikia: The Monorail is made up of two sections. One section is where the system is controlled. The small spaceship is stored right behind the cockpit in a section where the walls can be opened or closed. Behind this is another section where the walls can also open or close. Connecting this section to the other section is a monorail motor.

The base is made up of multiple parts. One of the parts is a raised base section through which a monorail track runs. The base has some lights/weaponry on each end, with two more lasers on top and some lights near the tracks. Its colour scheme is white and black, with some transparent red and a bit of transparent blue.

The other section of base is on a larger baseplate but is smaller overall. It is at ground level, unlike the other section. A small ship is also included. It has four thrusters on the bottom for propulsion. It too is a transport vehicle, with a box carrying device and a box which stores weapons. In addition to the other parts of this set is a small spacecraft. It has no weaponry, only two thrusters and a control panel.


  1. This thing is going to be huge once it is complete!

  2. What a set! AWESOME! Can't wait to see it in action (and I bet you two can't wait to play it!)