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Sunday, June 3, 2012


Isaac couldn't wait and had to open the huge package I brought home.

And here it is, the amazing Lego Monorail Transport System (#6990)! Released in 1987, this huge set features 715 blocks and 5 mini figures. It was released back then for about $160 and I have seen it online for $1,800, insane! Its a co-worker that sold it to me, she knew that Isaac (and I) would love it.

It contains a Monorail track with two way stations and a train, a small cargo spacecraft, two containers and five Futuron astronaut minifigures. (3 yellow astronauts and 2 blue astronauts).


  1. Oh man i can not wait to see this thing full put together!

    1. Its amazing! We will post more about it in the coming days!

  2. What a truly awesome find! I actually remember that set from 1987; my best friend in the whole world had really rich parents, and they got it for him for some accomplishment. Does everything still work?

    Also, be very careful when the train takes off. It had a tendency to fall off the tracks, if I recall.

    Cool blog, dude. Subscribed.

    1. Hi Chance and welcome to our blog!
      Yes everything still works, it was completed with the box and all but used.

      The train does have a tendency to go off the rail if it touches the smallest thing... but that what happens in a busy Lego city as ours!!