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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lego Mini Figures

Here is Isaac putting together some of his Lego mini figures. We both love those. So far, some great characters have been release. We are desperately trying to find the Luchador and Zombie!

Here's a quick look a some of Isaac's collection... even though there is another similar case thats unfortunately not in the photo.

And here are the just announced second wave of Lego Star Wars planets sets! It will include Yavin 4, Endor and Bespin.


  1. I hear the Zombie Lego Mini is going up cash wise but i bet you guys will find him at some point along with the Luchador(Which would love to have as well) so good luck and i will keep my eyes out for them too for you guys.

    1. Very nice of you thank you!!!! Isaac was too young when series 1 came out.

      I know that in the upcoming Lego Monsters Hunters, there will be a zombie set but no photos have been released yet. We will get it.