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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Flea Market Hunting : Marvel + The Avengers film

We found a Marvel Super Hero Squad figure of Iron First at the local flea market. Isaac has tons of Super Hero Squad at his mom place, which I all paid for myself. Anyway, he didn't own this one plus at fifty cents we had to get it!

Yesterday watched The Avengers twice in theatre on the opening day, yes it is THAT good!

An alien invasion on Earth forces Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow to join force and form The Avengers.

Writer and director Joss Whedon has done the unthinkable… create an almost perfect super hero film. With each character's back story established in their respectives films, Whedon was able to totally concentrate on what should happen now.

A story worthy of the best Marvel comic books, breathtaking visual fx, action packed, funny and smart… The Avengers is what every summer blockbuster should be. Its a celebration of the genre and proof that Marvel's universe is worthy of the big screen.

Robert Downey Jr. is great as both Tony Stark and Iron Man. The story elevates his character to a new level. Most importantly is the Hulk. After two rather "failed" attempt they finally got it right. Mark Ruffalo is the perfect Bruce Banner and the computer generated Hulk totally steals the show every time its onscreen. My son, I and the whole crowd screamed, laughed and cheered the Hulk… he is a time bomb indeed.

As expected they are post credits sequences, two of them for The Avengers. The first one is a must for any self respected Marvel fans. What first teased very briefly in the THOR film is now starting to take a "life" of its own with the introduction of one of Marvel's coolest bad guy ever that will lead to hopefully the big screen adaptation of the absolute best Marvel comic book crossover ever, The Infinity Gaunltet.

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