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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Flea Market Hunting: Sectaurs

During our trip to the flea market last weekend we found two Sectaurs action figures! On the left is the evil General Spidrax, the hideous leader of the Dark Domain's armies!

On the right if Mantor, a "Keeper of the Way," a scholar of the ancient powers contained in the Hyves and the Ancients who created them.

Sectaurs was released by Coleco in 1985 (not 1984, as the stamp on the figures would suggest), figures and insect companions were packaged together in a window box with weapons, a mini comic book and instructions. Some of these companions were large enough for the Sectaurs to ride, and were actually "puppet like", in which you could place your hand inside a glove that made up the lower body of the beast to manipulate the legs and an action feature.

A second series of figures were designed and pictured in dealers' catalogues, but never produced due to the line's cancellation. The toy line did not do well partly because of the intimidating appearances of even the heroes and their companion beasts, and partially due to price points well above other action figure lines in stores at the same time.

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