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Friday, April 15, 2011

Flea Market Hunting: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Probably one of the coolest action figures collection of the 1980's were the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons! As a kid I owned lots of them but sadly lost them all apart from one.

During our last trip at the flea market we found some! I was actually going through Ebay recently trying to find these. Now I found them for a buck each, amazing!

The seller had two Warduke, and without any hesitation I took both! It one of my all time favorite action figure! It originally came with a shield with a monster's skull on it, and a silver/yellow magical sword. He was released in the 1st Series and 2nd Series of AD&D.

There is also Strongheart, the good Paladin! Its another beautifully sculpted figure! He came with a glittering blue cape and a silver sword. We also got another one which will be feature in another post.

Dungeons and Dragons has spawned one of the best 1980's toy line and a magnificent animated series! Sadly the D&D toys were rarely incorporated into the series which aired after most the toys came out. The figures were produced by LJN, and are some of the best detailed, imaginative and colorful figures produced to this date. LJN and TSR also created some of the best fantasy characters, dragons, and monsters that you will ever see.

LJN was chosen to create the TSR Advanced Dungeons & Dragons action figures in 1982. LJN was the best qualified to produce toys with quality, detail and color. LJN had done a incredible job with the first Advanced Dungeons & Dragons line up. The figures themselves ranged from variuos humans, to Ogre's and Dwarf's.

22 action figures, 7 creatures and 1 playset were produced over a little more than 2 years. There were many figures and creatures that were held back and ended up never being produced.

The D&D toy line also consists of a PVC toy line, a bendy toy line, and a wind-ups. There were more than 45 different figures in these set, allowing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons to be one of the largest toy lines made in the 80's.